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Discover How You Can Help Your Child Skyrocket Their Athletic Performance So They Can Be The Best Athlete They Can Be - In Sports And In Life!
YOU MIGHT BE IN THE SAME BOAT AS MANY PARENTS- You want to see your athlete thrive but they just won't listen to your advice.  Or, perhaps your athlete doesn't know what it REALLY takes to push themselves in all sporting aspects.

Your athlete wants to succeed and may truly believe they are doing their best to do so.  But, what if their best could be better?  What if they were given a thorough and holistic program to give them a deeper look at what it truly takes?  What if they were given a tool so powerful it could change their outlook on life?

What if you were the one to give them that gift?
The Player Empowerment Program is here to help your athlete
skyrocket their performance with help from a parent who is
also a coach.
The Player Empowerment Program is an online course designed for athletes in any sport 13 years and older to help them reach a new level of performance in sport and in life.

In the course athletes will watch seven video modules and have "Soul Work" assignments, which helps them learn where their experience, including thoughts and feelings, truly come from as well as:

Find their inner confidence and learn tricks to develop more of it

Realize what it truly takes to be successful and how to develop a holistic plan to boost performance

Learn more effective ways to deal with and embrace pressure

Unleash the leader within them, understand the importance of helping others and how it benefits them

Find out how to create the life they want with their thoughts and intention

much, much, more!

Who Am I To Coach Your Athlete?
I'm a Transformative Life Coach as well as a soccer coach. I have helped developed soccer players to the college, semi-pro, professional, and international levels and coached a youth team that was ranked top 10 in the US. Additionally, I coached successful high school, semi-professional, and Olympic Development Program teams.
I have a National “B” license from the US Soccer Federation and understand how to develop players and to bring out more potential by focusing on all the pillars of sport- technical, tactical, physical, and the one he concentrates on the most, psychological.
I also have a Master’s Degree in Mental health Counseling as well as a certification as a Transformative Life Coach, in which I've worked with athletes in Major League Soccer and United Soccer Leagues. Read some testimonials here.
I host a podcast called Clarity For Parents of Athletes, in which I interview former and current professional athletes about their journey in sports and how their parents helped guide them along their path. I use these stories to help current parents of athletes and athletes who are looking to take their game to the next level.

Some of my guests include:
Gregg Berhalter- current US Men’s National Soccer Team Head Coach and former player, Jay DeMerit- former English Premier League and MLS player
Oguychi Onyewo- played professionally in several European countries and Major League Soccer, Doug Flutie- former Heisman Trophy Winner
many other high-level athletes in several different sports including volleyball, gymnastics, skiing, golf, rock climbing and more..
Here's Why I'm Doing This

I felt I didn’t even come close to reaching my potential as a soccer player and ended my youth career wanting to make a difference in the lives of soccer players and people. My main mission was to make sure no player I coached finished playing with the thought, ‘I could have been better only if…' or at least had fewer bullet points on their list of regrets than I did.

As I developed my soccer coaching, I started to mold my natural innate abilities as a leader and teacher with knowledge of the four pillars in any sport- technical, tactical, physical, psychological and made sure to focus on each one for each one of my players.

While coaching a very high-level youth team, I experienced many interactions and even some confrontations from parents of my players. During the unpleasant interactions I felt defensive, but later saw that parents want the same thing- to see their child succeed. How they sometimes went about it was not always helpful, which was the reason I started my podcast.
During an internship I did for my counseling degree, one of the most impactful statements my mentor told me was that he knew he could do more for a child by never seeing the child and only seeing the parent, versus only seeing the child and never seeing the parent.
I realized how important it was to not only develop players in the four pillars, but how necessary it was to help them by helping their parent as well. "Help the parent, help the child."

Here's What You And Your Athlete Will Experience After Going Through This Program

She/he will also be able to map out a plan to improve performance and understand the importance of great nutrition, sleep, and time management.

Your athlete will not only tap into more of that internal drive it takes to be a successful athlete and human being, but will also experience more joy and love in their process.  Approaching anything that way always leads to more empowerment and more success!

You will no longer find yourself wishing your athlete did more on their own instead of relying on going to practice and you will rest assured that what they are working on is actually beneficial.  You will find yourself letting go of the need to motivate her/him. 

You can then focus more on what they really need from you: unconditional love and support.  That is SO impactful and beneficial for children to succeed!

Here's How To Join

Just enter the information below, checkout and look in your inbox for login information to the video modules and your athlete is ready to go! 

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You're just one click away from helping your athlete skyrocket their performance in sports and in life!

You'll be so glad you did!

See you inside the training!

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