Reiki is an energetic method of healing with the hands and helps with physical and emotional ailments.

Whether the session with Gabe is in person or via phone or Zoom, your physical and energetic bodies will feel grounded, refreshed, and recharged.

The process:

It is important to come into the treatment with the intention to receive the healing energy and to tune into your body beforehand and let Gabe know if there is something specific you want him to work on.

After stating you are open to the healing, lie down, relax.  The energy will guide Gabe's hands to go to areas of your body that need it the most and he will place his hands there.  If this is a distance healing, he will send energy to parts of your body wherever you are in the world.

When the physical healing part is over, Gabe will ask what your experience was and then debrief you on what came through for him, which typically involves your unconscious beliefs that can be transmuted for your personal growth.

As with most energetic healing treatments, drink lots of water at the end and throughout your day!

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